Involved: To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question

by: Todd Tunnell

Some of us may think the following:
“What role do I have in the kingdom?”
 “I don’t preach. I don’t teach. I don’t lead worship. What is left for me?”
“I don’t even always go to assembly,” or “Going to assembly is all I do.”

First, let’s address the issue of assembling.
  1. A person’s salvation and faith are not about how often he or she “goes to worship.”  Let’s get that idea out of the way.  We often emphasize scriptures regarding attendance at assembly.  We seem to place them above other texts like “pray without ceasing…do not worry about tomorrow…or love your neighbor as yourself.”  Our tradition and culture of “church services” has almost become a stand-alone indicator of someone’s faith. This is unfair and judgmental.
  2. People live in and out of their own contexts.  This involves many considerations. What does a person do for the kingdom in everyday life?  What is the person’s personal prayer life made of? How much time is this person spending in the word of God, seeking the face of the Father?  Is this person continually measuring his or her desire for a deeper walk, a better marriage, more effective parenting, kinder attention to friends and neighbors?                                                                                
Could a person who is uninvolved in the life of the church strive for all of the above things?  
The answer is yes.

Does this mean that being an integral part of the church family has no additional spiritual value?
The answer is no.

What do I mean by “being an integral part”? Being there, showing dependability, demonstrating priority and commitment to the cause of a local body.  Here are some thoughts to help our deliberations of involvement.
  1. It is true that every church member could be more involved in the body than we currently are. Therefore, no one should stand in judgment as to how much another participates, or says “yes” to work opportunities in the church.  
  2. However, let’s all remember that there is power in numbers!  We  need people to help and support the local work. Everyone’s involvement and participation in the body’s life is an encouragement and support for the kingdom’s cause.
  3. When I show up to be with the people of my faith community whenever I can, it demonstrates that this community is  a priority in my life. This is encouraging to others, and emphasizes the importance of the church body, and surely deepens my walk with the Lord.  

Bottom line: Friendship needs her people.  Our body has such a sweet sense of unity and love; we need what each member has to offer.  God has gifted each of us to contribute in unique ways. Your talents are a blessing to the rest of us!

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Paula - February 15th, 2023 at 9:23pm

Todd, thanks for the encouragement!! Great lesson for all of us!!